Notes on pre-machining of the workpieces

When deep drilling on deep drilling machines, no pre-centering or pilot drilling is required. Threads, core drilling or other cuts should be introduced only after the deep drilling in order to avoid damage to the thread or a congestion of chips during processing.

Subsequently you will receive a recommendation on how the workpieces should be prepared for deep drilling. The parts may remain in their original state until the pre-machining.


zylinderCylindrical shape of workpiece with central deep bore

Round material with a central deep hole is clamped in clamping cups (= clamping cones) and in order to obtain an optimal circuit and best results should therefore
be chamfered and levelled on both sides by 30°.

exzentrischCylindrical shape of workpiece with eccentric and/or central deep bores.
The workpieces are clamped in prisms and should therefore be stripped or pared outside of the cylinder as well as at least planed on one side at least. 
kubischCubical shaped workpiece.
Cubical workpieces should be chamfered on all sides, at right-angles and untreated.


Should the requirements on the bore path not be so high, (e.g with the lubrication holes), we can also process the parts “rough”. In this way you can deliver the workpieces directly from the supplier to us, thus saving transport or an operation. Here, however, an exact previous coordination with us.