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logo_011923 the first Logo

The ”Wilhelm Karnebogen“ company was founded by Wilhelm Karnebogen and his wife Wilhelmine
as forge in Breddershaus (nowadays Meinerzhagen-Valbert).

Besides the horse shoeing the production of hoes and shovels commenced.

Removal in consequence of the purchase of a company building from the Voswinkel company in
Vollme (nowadays Kierspe) with the buyout of the hydropower (Volme creek) right beside the federal road B54.
 spitzeisen konuskrone

Conversion of production towards chisels and small carbide tipped drills with conical
hole as well as knocking off devices for the mining industry.

 logo_02 richard_karnebogen1960
Company take-over by their son Richard Karnebogen
krone igel

Commencement of production of large-hole drill bits for the stone and earth processing industry :
initially with carbide cutters, button bits subsequently followed.
The so-called KARBO-HEDGEHOG was born.


From this the “KARBO-high-speed drill bit“ was developed some years later. This unique design is a characteristic of the KARBO-drill bits even today and Richard Karnebogen was awarded numerous patents at home and abroad.

The drill bits are used for blasthole drillings in rocks and, nowadays, even for geothermal drillings.


Commencement of production of chisels, bushing and pitching
tools to work granite kerbstones.

Formation of the present Karnebogen LLC by Richard Karnebogen, his daughter Petra Karnebogen-Fuchs and his son-in-law Günter Fuchs.

Numerous tests in conjunction with the continuous enlargement of the product range and in close collaboration with the customers put KARBO in the position to offer the optimal DTH-hammer and the most suitable drill bit for every type of rock.

With their own hydropower and by ample renovation works in 1999 the KARNEBOGEN LLC is substantially contributing to the environment protection. The recovered current is directly used during working
hours while the energy is fed into the local grid and put at public disposal on Sundays and public holidays.
A new large-sized office building had to be build, due to the
conistent growth and advancing modernisation.
melinamarkSeit 2009
After previous close collaboration brother Mark Fuchs and sister Melina Fuchs join the company as managing directors in 2009.

Seit 2014
New Logo

…and we carry on moving…